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Grip doesn't strengthen itself

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Grip strength is essential for kettlebells and riding.

Grip strength is essential for kettlebells and riding.

Squeezing the clutch and front brake all day demands strong hands and forearms.

I like to keep a Heavy Grip 100 nearby to just keep my grip strength up, keep my hands and forearms strong for everyday life.

I just picked up a 30, 40, and 50 pound squeezy donut.

This red one is the 50 from Grip Pro Trainer.

They're cheap and good and you can just throw one in your bag like I do.

And it's a smashing stress reliever.

Here's the 30 pound grip trainer from Grip Pro Trainer that I'm using most often because it's nice and squishy and I can squeeze and squeeze and squeeze.

And it's green, to boot.


This is the 40 pound squeeze donut from Grip Pro Trainer that's very fulfilling to use to keep my grip strong and make it stronger with added stamina.




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