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Facebook Marketing: Easy Tips To Use This Week

Social media is a big, wide net of activity and it is something which everyone does in this day and age to stay relevant and connect with the world.


When choosing a social media platform to work on, you will always want to pick Facebook as an option for your business. Facebook is the daddy of all social media and it remains the most popular for a big demographic. Here are some of our top tips for making a Facebook page and sharing your business this year.

Make a page

A page is the best way for a small or big business to make an impression on Facebook. Creating a page is a way to bring all of your business into one place and to allow people all over the world to follow and enjoy your story as you share content each and every week. You can create a page with yourself as the admin and allow other members of the team to add content too.

Add your website link

When creating your page you will have a lot of different steps to go through and one of these steps will give you the option to add your website link onto the page for people to see. Make sure that you do this and don’t skip it because this will give you an upper hand and allow people to get directly from your Facebook page to your website and to see your products. It can be a great way to use some Integrated marketing expertise and market yourself effectively.

Share photos

Photographs speak a thousand words and when you come to decide what you should share with your followers, photographs should be the first thing on your mind. When you scroll through Facebook and see a great photo you likely stop scrolling to take a closer look. It is a great way to grab the attention of your followers and make sure that they are paying attention to you.

Make videos

When it comes to marketing on Facebook in this day and age the most popular form of content seems to be video. If you are able to make a great video for your brand you will attract the attention of many more people and your content is much more likely to be shared than it would otherwise. Make sure you think about making videos which show off your products in one way or the other for example if you sell paint for the house you could share a video on DIY Hacks and tricks. Make sure your videos are fun and they will soon be shared all over Facebook for the world to enjoy.

Link to other pages

When you are a small page and you want to make an impression in the wider world a good way to do this would be to link to larger pages and get them to take notice of you. For example, if you were to share a review of a TV show you could link Netflix in your post to hopefully get them to share your post forward to their followers. It won’t always work but it is well worth a try to gain a wider reach.


If you download Facebook for business on your computer or your phone you will be able to see the backend of your page and this will allow you to see how many people see your posts and which posts are the most popular. Make sure you take time now and again to promote one of your posts. Simply click on ‘boost post’ and it will bring to you a page where you can pick the demographic you want to share with, the locations you want to share and also the amount you want to pay. As little as £2 can help and bring your page to the attention of a lot more people.

Hold a giveaway

People like free stuff. It is no big secret that people enjoy freebies and you can offer them just that by hosting a giveaway for your company anniversary or around the festive season. Give away some of your products and tell your followers to like your page and share the post to enter. This usually really racks up your followers and it can be a great way to reach a much wider net of people than you did before. You’ll gain a lot of new followers and engagements and really spread the good word of what you do and who you are.