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Arlington now has RowVigor studio

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This morning I met with coach Fola Awosika of Row Vigor for my Foundations class. I was the only one in the class so I got to spend some great time chatting with Fola about Row Vigor.
Arlington now has RowVigor studio

Coach Fola Awosika Row Vigor

This morning I met with coach Fola Awosika of Row Vigor for my Foundations class. I was the only one in the class so I got to spend some great time chatting with Fola about Row Vigor. Fola quickly discovered that I have been rowing and erging since 1988 so he gave me back my free credit for another class such as To The Core, Heart-to-Heart, or Erg Flow. Currently, RowVigor is a pop up studio attached to the Saffron Dance studio at 3260 Wilson Blvd in North Arlington, VA.  


To the Core: Keep your abdominals in beach-ready form all year around. Sculpt, shape, shred with these hardcore functional movements. Reduce lower back pain and stiffness and tighten up your core simultaneously.

Heart-to-Heart: This is the ultimate in cardiovascular fitness. An array of cutting-edge rowing concepts produce an extremely challenging, calorie burning, kick butt class. Prepare to be totally drenched and exhilarated all while training the most important muscle of all, your heart.

Erg Flow: Stroke form and rhythm are key to an efficient rower whether on the water or on the erg. Increase muscular strength, stamina and mobility while perfecting you optimal form and cadence using erg flow.

Foundations: This is a required first class for any student new to ROWViGOR™. ‘Foundations’ introduces new students to the indoor erg with proper form. This class will help you gain confidence to create your most effective and efficient workout.

 Here's some info from the site:

"ROWViGOR™ is an in-door row house that liberates the fitness experience through full-body, mind blowing and life changing workouts. We use Concept 2 indoor rowers and design fitness routines that are accessible and challenging to all. Together, our hand-selected trainers and proprietary technology will give you the experience you need to get the results you want."

"We define community through the social connections you meet at the studio and the virtual networks you develop through our technology. At ROWViGORTM you’ll always have friends to support or challenge you every step of the way. Your community will grow and your results will increase. Let’s help you #RespectYourVigor."

"Our user-friendly digital technology is designed specifically for your unique fitness needs. It connects individual performances and statistics with others directly, virtually and remotely, and collects your data such as pace and calories burned. After every work out, we provide a personal data summary that helps track your progress and to visualize new goals."

"Our instructors are experienced trainers who have one goal: your success. They are always available to help you along your fitness journey. With their guidance you’ll achieve more than you ever could alone."

"Rowing enthusiasts have known for years the health and fitness benefits of rowing year round. This low-impact exercise works more body parts than most cardiovascular machines, and offer all fitness levels. "

"Not only is indoor rowing a low impact fitness alternative, fitness professionals in the know are calling it the new hip king of cardio" -- Mike Dawson, Details Magazine

"Higher rate of fat oxidation during rowing compared with cycling ergometer exercise across a range of exercise intensities." -- Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science In Sports

"Rowing increases stroke volume and cardiac output to a greater extent than cycling." -- Institute of Physiology

"30 Minutes of Rowing could be as effective as 90 minutes of cycling." -- Ben Levine, NASA Scientist

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