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Domke F-2 Reviewed

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The most wonderful bag I have ever owned for my cameras. Cannot beat the Domke F-2. I have owned my black canvas F-2 since 1994, which makes my bag 9 and a half years old.

Domke F-2 Reviewed

Black Domke F-2

Reviewed by: Chris Abraham, Professional, from Washington, DC, USA

Price Paid: $125 at Honolulu Camera Store

Photography Experience: 21+ years, Outdoor

Summary: I have used it as my exclusive stock photography travel bag for two n90 bodies and three lenses (80-200, 35-70, and 20-35 -- all 2.8) and everything else I need from passport to film (one side pouch for fresh and the other pouch for burnt) and something to read and my PDA and everything else. The entire thing is pretty heavy but there is always the postman's pad. I don't have it but I use it around my body and over my shoulder. This is all I ever need. I don't agree that this bag doesn't draw attention to itself because DOMKE is what AP and UPI stringer and shooters use, and they have some of the best toys. So maybe people in the US don't know DOMKE, but people abroad do. And in DC. Conspicuously hardcore.

Strengths: Bomb proof with a big dose of photojournalistic street cred. Water resistant -- from the tight-weave canvas. Ages very well.

Weaknesses: The canvas makes some serious dust all over the cameras. I guess cotton canvas isn't the best choice, maybe.

Sep 08, 2003 12:00 AM