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Historical and Archival MemeSpace News

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0002082150 - Added the Book Store as well as a conference dedicated to psychology, as opposed to making it share air with memetics.
0002021500 - Added a conference for the discussion of The Cluetrain Manifesto as well as pruning the fuck conference. I sent out some promo email.
0001101742 - Had a nasty power crash a little while ago and regret not having invested the money in a reliable UPS system -- so, luckily, Scott was there to help me with the fix and we are back up and okay -- this time!
9912311458 - Added a cute little "give us your first reaction" email thingy on the front page -- the mail goes to me -- I love that kind of stuff.
9912221526 - Added the Winter Conference for the winter solstice.
9912181324 - Added a memebers list for all who want to be listed
9912010943 - Listed Wonkoslice and Slashdotand and Bonkworld and Everything to my list of friends and sites we like here at
9911081742 - Comprehensive list of all conferences posted in a public forum. I only listed the names of the conferences with a link to their internal forum, but I will expand on that when I get a chance.
9911081551 - ErrorDocument redirect implemented so that all error pages get popped over to their appropriate page. If you cancel out of a login (say you hit login or one of the icons on the left navbar) you will get popped to the 401 Unauthorized page where you can register forMemeSpace or you can email me to get your login and/or passwd.

9911011243 - Conferences added include

  • Subculture - All forms of subcultures explored here.
  • Para* - From the paranormal to the paranoid.
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< 9911010001 - & MemeSpaceprehistory -- I didn't have the bright idea of adding a what's new page until right now. Email me to tell me how silly I am.
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Repeat after Meme Repeat after Meme