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BTBSIGN 2.3" Programmable LED HIIT Interval Timer Countdown Clock Stopwatch Manual Intructions

Interval timing - You can set several groups of training time and rest time.Like 4 Times 1 minutes Training and 30 seconds rest;Remote control's battery: 2XAAA (Duracell battery do not work. Please use other brand battery) Set as this: F1 01:00 C1 00:30; F2 01:00 C2 00:30; F3 01:00 C3 00:30; F4 01:00 C4 00:30 Countdown Clock - It also can countdown anytime to zero like countdown 1 hour to 0 or 15minutes to 0 Stopwatch counts up to 99 minutes, 59 seconds and hundredths of seconds Tabata Boxing - 40 secs for exercise then 20 secs for rest and repeat two times. Setting: (F1 00:40 C1 00:20; C-C - 02) 1st step: press “digit 1” button to interval timing mode, timer show “P1”. 2nd step: press “ F-A” button and input 00 40, press “enter” to save 3rd step: press “C-U” button, and input 00 20, press “enter” to save 4th step: press “EXIT” key to set repeat times.Input 02 and then press “enter” to save all the setting. Final step: press “START” key begin to run BTBSIGN GYM TIMER is perfect device to use for home gyms, garage gym, club fitness gyms and boxing training Interval GYM Timer is perfect addition for any gym – home or commercial. This Timer’s crystal-clear LED and high-contrast display allows you to view the bright red and blue numbers from all corners. Our Gym Timer helps you tracking your gym sessions and timing rest time. Multiple functions timers, set according to your needs to maximizes your fitness effect in a short amount of time Easy operation and customizable workout tabata timer Our Timers are easy to use and completely customizable specifically made for performing tabata workouts. You can program rounds and work-to-rest to suit your specific training needs. Or, choose from one of the numerous preprogrammed settings. You can store up to 10 workout (P0-P9), under each you can custom 9 intervals(F1 to F9 with workout time and rest time). It's essential to design your workout plans before you get started. Follow the below steps to program your gym timer: Step 1: Store your workout under a shortcut key, like P0. So, press number 0 on the remote, Now the timer screen reads [P0]; Step 2: Press button F-A to input your work time, then press C-U to input rest time. If you have more than one interval, press enter key , continue to press F-A and C-U button until you finish all the intervals setting; Step 3: Press Enter key follow by press Exit key set the rounds and then press enter key again to save this setting. Step 4: Press Start to begin. crossfit clock timer remote gym fitness wall workout stop portable battery digital large countdown remote control power adapter timer gym workout fitness crossfit Package included? 1 x Gym timer 1 x 12V wall adapter Mount brackets and screws. 1 x Remote control 1 x User manual Workout Gym Clock Timer With Remote Control Infrared Remote Control Up to 32ft range Functions:Normal clock, countdown, count up, stopwatch, interval timer.You can use the remote control to achieve these functions according to your needs. One Key access function: Tabata, FGB1 & FGB2 and Stopwatch. Digit High: Digit High: 2.3'' Dimension: 16.4'' W x 4'' H x 1.6'' D Number keypad on the remote for storing and select customized intervals. Easy to mute or turn on the timer beep sound Easy to activate 10 seconds countdown preparation time Easy to dim the timer brightness

PDF document icon AF-6-Digit-Gym-Timer-Instructions.pdf — PDF document, 485 KB (497385 bytes)