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Dear Peloton

I wrote this little letter on my site since it was too long for a tweet.

Aloha, Peloton!

I know you're a big deal and I am a small fry in this world but I have 54.6k followers on Twitter and run and so forth and I am about a week away from ordering a Peloton. You might like these:

I am wondering if you have an influencer discount for people who will live blog, Instagram, and Facebook and Tweet all about the device to my community of 5,000 friends on FB and across my community and Strava and so forth.

I am also going through a fat phase at 300# so I will be using the spin classes to really get back into share (the Concept2 rower just didn't appeal enough). Anyway, I am going to order one anyway, I just thought I would reach out and say hello! Hello! Chris Abraham

Chris Abraham
CEO, Gerris Corp
+1 202-352-5051
[email protected]

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