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My Puppy Suzi, My Ex Michelle, and a Doggie Neurologist, Part 1

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I share my gorgeous dog Suzi with her mom, Michelle. Over the last month or so, Suzi has had a head bob. I have been in denial that it was age-related. She has started to fall; her health is beginning to fail.

My Puppy Suzi, My Ex Michelle, and a Doggie Neurologist, Part 1

Suzi Dog

There seems to be a lot of degredation in Suzi's health. She has been losing support of her forelegs and falls sometimes, catching herself after a moment, as though her legs gave out.

Michelle called me yesterday from her job at the State Department. She is newly engaged but her fiance Teddy was out of town. She was crying. She called to tell me that Suzi was not doing well at all.

She didn't ask for a walk that morning and she had been listless and dopey. I told Michelle to call me if she needed anything.

I drove off to pick Sarah up at National. She arrived, we had coffee, and then returned to the car in the garage.

While leaving the car park, I received a call from Michelle's mobile. She was walking home. She had an appointment at Dupont Vet and asked if I could come with her to the doctor to be with Suzi.

When I arrived at the Dupont apartment of Teddy and Michelle, Suzi was in fact in Teddy's chair. She seemed fine and she got all wiggly when I arrived, and she got up and we went to the door. She was bobbing more than normally, I noticed.

The doctor was very nice, but Suzi was nervous. She was doing very well, but she was definately being taken over my regional and whole-body spasms.

The doctor did a full check and suggested a neurologist in a Springfield, VA, vet clinic called "South Paw." We went back to where Suzi was staying -- with Michelle and T -- and Michelle curled up in bed. She was getting ill herself. It looked like the flu. I had two sick girls on my hands.

Finally the phone range and we were told that we had an appointment at South Paw at 3:30 that day. In 45-minutes from the call, Michelle, Suzi, and I were in the l'il red POSi and on our way to the Doggie Neurologist.

Jan 23, 2003 10:35 PM