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Happy Spring!

Happy Spring! I’m taking a breather to reconnect with you after a busy past six months.

My latest news is that I am spending a lot of time indoor cycling. Marina from Cyclebar here on Columbia Pike has been mentoring me to get on saddle and ride. Starting today—yes, today!—I am giving Intermittent Fasting, portion control, and clean eating 100% commitment. Today’s the first day of the rest of my life., the Internet marketing agency I share with Dan Krueger—a part-time CrossFit coach himself—is going great. Right now, we’re using our combined 26-years of influencer marketing experience to help TB12 Sports, Tom Brady’s brand, launch their new line of plant-based protein chocolate and vanilla powder supplement made from pea protein. We’ve always been blessed with very cool clients. We’re also celebrating two years with 4Vets4Life as social media marketing consultants and managers. Helping the men and women who have served and suffered is woven into the fabric of our agency.

Late last Summer, we editorially launched Newconomy, providing written and video content that explored all four corners of the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. From nothing to 17-articles-day, Dan and I were acting Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor respectively.

Last Spring we took on an amazing Online Reputation Marketing campaign that we can’t talk about at all except to say that it was global and political. Other than that, mum’s the word.

In addition to our current clients, we’ve partnered with a team focusing on ADA, American’s with Disabilities Compliance, for websites. There have been thousands of lawsuits settled from websites not being up to current legal standards. We’ve started offering our services to bring businesses and website owners up to the legal standard of accessibility for all.

I just wanted to pop you a note to let you know that I am still here, still plugging away, and still making Washington, DC, both my HQ and my home. If you have any need for any services from influencer marketing to online reputation management to ADA compliance, I’d be happy to help.