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Eruption at Kilauea Caldera

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©1993 Chris Abraham

Eruption at Kilauea Caldera

Lava fields smell of unlit stoves.
The smoke from vents is milk
Poured into coffee.

A cragged lunar landscape 
Petrified by sun and wind,
White driftwood trees

Crawl into the tissue sky,
Like scratching nails
On the fingers of angry witches.

Cinder crunches under foot ; 
Smooth glassy sheets pop beneath me.
Red magma swims beneath the crust

I walk on, scalds my feet.
The ground creeps, prowls. 
Brilliant lava flows in sheets

Of molten heat, eats wood, 
Sputters against shrubbery 
until the fire absorbs air.

Feb 12, 1993 09:50 PM