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Nicole Sponsors Successful Summit

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History was made on September 29, 2002, when Miss Nicole Wilson acted as peacemaker between 'the old boyfriend' and 'the new boyfriend' at a pot-luck gathering fabricated to be a comfortable and soothing 'Meeting of the Boys.'

Not her old boyfriend and new boyfriend, but rather, Nicole acted as intermediary and peacemaker between her housemate, Mr. Chris, and the current boyfriend of Miss Michelle, the handsome, charming and worldly Mr. Teddy.

We have entered into a period of détente. Inside sources report that Michelle is much relieved. Teddy-the-New and Chris-the-Old got on fine, although C-t-O was strangely mellow and low-key. Sources believe that it was his was of offering an olive branch, the integration of tribes being his highest priority.

Most of the posse was convened, including Miss Kate, Miss Joanne, Mr. Sharif, Mr. Steve, Miss Cheryl, and Miss Megan. Mr. Chris was noticeably relieved when the beautiful and elegant Dr. Wendy, Mr. Chris' honored guest, arrived at nine. 

Welcome to the posse, Mr. Teddy and Miss Michelle! We are damned glad to have you!

Oct 01, 2002 09:40 AM