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[Kinship] Webcam: Kinship II in Panama Canal

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Missive from Roger Wolfson reporting the progress of his 42-food catamaran through the Panama Canal

Happy New Year, everyone! Kinship II is sailing through the Panama Canal at this moment. She'll be visible on the following webcam -- only for a few moments -- at some point later today (Thursday the 2nd) or tomorrow (Friday the 3rd):

Webcam: Kinship II in Panama Canal

Her projected arrival in Los Angeles is still Febuary, 2003. If you need to reach me, by the way, I have a new cellphone: 310-721-0855.

May every blessing be yours in 2003,


Roger S. Wolfson, J.D.*
Founding Partner
Haft, Harrison, and Wolfson
New York . Washington, D.C. . Los Angeles . Seattle . San Francisco . New Haven . Charleston . Atlanta . Boston . Vancouver . Toronto . Montreal . Sao Paulo . Berlin . Tokyo
310-721-0855 (day)
917-685-8492 (night)

*admitted to the Bars of Connecticut, New York, Washington, D.C., and the United States Supreme Court
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Jan 02, 2003 12:00 AM