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White Noise on Netflix did the best it could without having voice over narration but it's frenetic. Dec 31, 2022
So this is what feeling full feels like so this is satiety thank you to the Carnivore diet for satiel healing baby it's good for me Oct 26, 2022
My trials and travails with executive function disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder Oct 22, 2022
The lifestyle of the squalid feral honey badger who lives in a high rise pigsty but has cleaners Oct 19, 2022
Moderate exercise done daily delivers exponential benefits in fitness and health compound interest. Oct 18, 2022
Salty McSaltface Oct 15, 2022
LMNT and Redmond's got what Carnivore Diets crave. It's got electrolytes! (Audio Fixed) Oct 14, 2022
Day Six of Eternity and Forever for Operation Slow Row and my Slow Rowing journey journal of health and strength and discovery Oct 07, 2022
Slow slow slow you row daily on the erg (fixed audio) Oct 04, 2022
I wear a spanx girdle every day in the form of a rowing unisuit Sep 29, 2022
Has the carnivore diet fixed my creaky knees? Sep 27, 2022
State of the Union: Doctor Prescribed Carnivore Diet and Slow Rowing for the next three months Sep 26, 2022
Watching Martha's Vineyard freak out about airlifted refugees is chef's kiss! Sep 24, 2022
I don't think America's remotely close to Civil War, you thin-skinned wusses! Sep 23, 2022
Universities are free for smart people but mediocre minds pay full price for a seat at the table Sep 22, 2022
Run, row, walk, bike, spin every single day but do it low and slow and long long long for duration! Sep 21, 2022
My cardiologist approved three months of the carnivore diet for me... tomorrow's my first day. Sep 20, 2022
How does our cultural enculturation come across and how does my cultural enculturation come across? Sep 18, 2022
Even in the best of times Europe is expensive and people are obsessed with conserving resources and funds—especially Berliners who are militant about it Sep 17, 2022
The final season of The Good Fight is out and you should see it and I have committed an entire episode to the Paramount+ tour de force Sep 16, 2022
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