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Eight quick reviews of Netflix shows and movies I decided to review for you S2E12 [Fixed Audio] Apr 19, 2021
Ramble rumble ramble rumble ramble rumble ramble rumble ramble rumble ramble rumble ramble rumble ramble rumble S2E11 Apr 08, 2021
What if Donald J. Trump was actually an asset of the Democrats and has been playing the role of GOP Heel to Joe Biden's DNC Face since the beginning: a thought experiment S2E10 Jan 31, 2021
Cry me a river: I'm happily and gladly retired from dating and pursuing meaningful love relationships: what's that all about (crazy, right?) S2E9 Jan 30, 2021
Beware the Americans who catch you in a big lie today, they might audit all the stories you've ever told all the way back for more big lies S2E8 Jan 23, 2021
We live in a post-shame America and shame and humiliation cannot and do not work to command and control Americans any longer (suicide Is painless) S2E7 Jan 13, 2021
January 6th might be this generation's September 11th except it's breaking America apart instead of bringing it together, united (you're tearing me apart, Lisa!) S2E6 Jan 12, 2021
How much anti-cancer chemotherapy can America endure before it kills Her—and what would sprout up in Her place? S2E5 Jan 11, 2021
American democracy does not have a glass jaw. Does it? And if you got a glass jaw, you should watch your mouth cause I'll break your face, have your ass running S2E4 Jan 04, 2021
Shame, Fear, and Authority are no longer the powerful, reliable, or effective command and control tools they once were to steer countries or peoples in the Internet age Jan 01, 2021
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ChrisCast Podcast by Chris Abraham

ChrisCast podcast as well as anything else of that sort that I can provide to you audiophonically-speaking.
ChrisCast Episode 9: Mindfulness Meditation: Matins, Lauds, Vespers, and Compline
I needed to have a Mindfulness practice and chose the daily prayers that the Anglo-Catholic Episcopal Church likes to follow based on the Book of Common Prayer and at least 4 times a day prayers based somewhat on how the Benedictine Monks and Monasteries prayed, including Matins, Lauds, Vespers, and Compline.
ChrisCast: Episode 8: I Was a Teenage Russian Troll
Okay, I wasn’t actually either a teenager or Russian when I was an OG Russian Troll and part of the Russian Troll Army.
ChrisCast Episode 7: America is a nation full of superstitious séance spiritualists
Americans love astrology, the paranormal, the spiritual world, Angels, demons, aliens, monsters, spirits, the afterlife, and believe that the eschaton will happen within their own lifetime. A world where astrology and numerology and the spirit world is prescient and present and real and active in our lives. America is actually a nation full of surprisingly superstitious spiritualists.
ChrisCast Episode 6: Summer Solstice ASMR Girl Ramble Fiesta Par Excellence
Just an update on why and how I am doing a one meal a day intermittent fasting diet, my yesterday failing, some discovered benefits, and lots and lots of ASMR girl-esque ramblings, shaggy dog stories, and storytellings—all adding up to about a half hour of your precious fluids and lifespan.
ChrisCast Episode 5 OBAD OMAD IF MOFO
In this episode I talk about my one meal a day that consists of a fifteen-hundred calorie one burrito a day with everything diet followed with 23 hours and 45-minutes if intermittent fasting every day. In short, my OBAD OMAD IF MOFO diet!
ChrisCast Episode 4: 24601; Part 2: Electric Boogaloo
I tried a bunch of editing stuff and splitting stuff. I don't even know if the storytelling is linear or if it's even listenable with all the clips and so forth in between and I am pretty sure the files got shuffled and are out of order so maybe the end of the story is at the beginning. So, I put in a warning. Otherwise, enjoy!
ChrisCast Episode 3: Je ne sais rien
Sort of a ramble, sort of a rant. Trying out background music and more of the editing tools that the Android app tools and so forth. What do you think? My voice is very hot, very loud, but at least I'm highly audit and very easy to comprehend. Pretty much just a My Dinner With André sort of thing, the sort engaged in by the madman who lives under the bridge. Enjoy and let me know what's up with you and what you think!
ChrisCast Episode 2: 24601 Part 1: Hanabata Days
The origin story of Chris Abraham from zero through to most of 6th grade, from Weehawken, New Jersey, to Murray Hill, NYC, to Salt Lake, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, to downtown Punchbowl... have fun!
ChrisCast Episode 1: Sportif
This is the episode where I almost cop to an eating disorder and then complain a lot about how heavy I am.
GerrisCast Episode 3: What You Need to Know about Online Reputation Management (ORM)
Today's episode is about online reputation management, often shortened to ORM, though I don't know if people call it ohhrmm.

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