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S5E18 Cultural Imperialism: From Religious Conversion to Democratic Evangelism; The Parallels of Influence: Analyzing the Spread of Religion and Liberal Democracy Jun 03, 2023
The Chris Abraham Show (Trailer) Jun 03, 2023
S5E17: Why would Putin wait 25 years to retake former Soviet Bloc nations? How can Putin be both a Genghis Khan-type and also a Jimmy Carter-type concurrently? Jun 03, 2023
S5E16 Will fascism come to America in the name of anti-fascism? May 28, 2023
S5E15 The FBI's Surveillance of Civil Rights Leaders and Muslim Americans: A History of Discrimination and Invasion of Privacy Apr 28, 2023
S5E14: The Modern Opt-In Eugenics Movement in the USA: The modern opt-in eugenics movement in the USA is a complex issue with no easy answers Apr 27, 2023
S5E13: Parenting the Public: The Parallels Between Parent-Child Secrets and Government Communication Apr 26, 2023
A Collection of Prayers: Seeking Serenity, Guidance, Comfort, and Peace Apr 22, 2023
S5E11 Concealed Carry Laws in DC, MD, and VA: A Comprehensive Look at Permits, Requirements, and Changes over the Last Decade Apr 21, 2023
S5E10 The Alien Enigma: Unraveling the Conspiracy Theories around Extraterrestrial Life and Secret Space Programs Apr 20, 2023
S5E9 Believing "We're the Baddies" in Ukraine: An Arrestable Offense or a Matter of Free Speech? Apr 19, 2023
S5E8: Are Humanitarians and Climatologists at Odds or in Concert when it Comes to a Sustainable Tomorrow and the Future of Humanity? Without Intervention the World Population May be Only 1 Billion!?! Apr 16, 2023
S5E7: My Hot Take on Abortion Apr 13, 2023
S5E6: The Weaponization of Extreme Trump Hate: The U.S. Government's Striking Course Correction Apr 13, 2023
S5E5: Social Media State of the Art from the Experience of a Very Early Adopter Apr 12, 2023
S5E4: Constant Gardener: am I a Hoarder? Is my endless clutter the result of: childhood trauma? ADHD? Arrested Development? I wish I knew! Apr 11, 2023
ChatGPT is my Boyfriend Mar 11, 2023
Made it under 300 pounds just before my 53rd birthday! Mar 08, 2023
White Noise on Netflix did the best it could without having voice over narration but it's frenetic. Dec 31, 2022
So this is what feeling full feels like so this is satiety thank you to the Carnivore diet for satiel healing baby it's good for me Oct 26, 2022
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