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ITM Pupatella ITM Meetup ITM Sep 14, 2021
A 9/11 fever dream Sep 11, 2021
My memories of 9/11 after 20 years Sep 10, 2021
More than 335,000 Afghan civilians—so many women and so many girls—have been killed in the fighting since 2001 (or, Chris' rant about the senseless senselessness of the Afghan War) S2E29 Sep 07, 2021
My new health kick is taking my cast iron kettlebell for a long walk every morning from 0730-Noon for health, strength, and socializing S2E28 Aug 30, 2021
Healthy, svelte, fit, slender, tight, people don't eat food, they dose food⁠—they treat food as medicine that can heal or OD S2E27 Aug 30, 2021
My IF diet report AND it's not how much slender people eat on a daily basis, it's how little. It's surprising! They forget to eat—routinely! S2E26 Aug 28, 2021
Afghanistan: from Saving Pagan Babies to Saving Muslim Ladies S2E25 Aug 25, 2021
Always acknowledge everyone you meet in the street and cafe and elevator and the cars and on trails for a much better life amen S2E24 ChrisCast Jul 31, 2021
Fat bastard special: working towards dropping an adult man worth of extra weight using cardiologist-recommended 18:6 intermittent fasting S2E23 Jul 29, 2021
You're not sleeping as long or as well as you think and it's because time in bed is not actual time slept (plus CPAPs rule!) S2E22 Jul 29, 2021
We all want play dates, we all want a nice chat, we all want a friend so maybe use your Gumby or Heavy Recon Kit Bag to make one S2E21 Jul 25, 2021
Why is 'Satellites' by Rebecca Curtis featured fiction in The New Yorker? S2E20 Jul 16, 2021
The average age of the combat soldier was twenty-six in Vietnam he was nineteen S2E19 Jun 28, 2021
Killing the Earth softly with prepackaged grocery store salad bowls in order to lose 70 kilos Jun 27, 2021
Dr. Stephen A. Gaeta, M.D., PhD, doesn't need to see me or my heart for a full year, inshallah! Jun 26, 2021
It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle​, than for an Entrepreneur to enter into the kingdom of Wikipedia Jun 25, 2021
My next attempt at an Eye of the Tiger Summer Jun 21, 2021
I was a teenage Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 skeptic and then got the J&J jab anyway Jun 20, 2021
Oy My Lumbago! Sciatica is Kicking My Butt Jun 20, 2021
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