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Wikipedia Curation

Everyone deserves to participate in how they're represented on Wikipedia and Chris Abraham can help you curate and manage your personal, professional, or corporate reputation on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wikipedia is mostly democratic. The Catch-22 is that editing your own Wikipedia page is frowned upon with extreme prejudice. As a result, any attempt that anyone with a vested interest in editing a page, no matter how compliant or Wikipedia straight-edge, whether it be yourself, your company, someone in the back office, an employee, or an agency, making edits on any page where you have a personal or financial self interest is strictly verboten. For marketers, business people, publicists, and agencies, Wikipedia often becomes a blood bath for anyone who has done their edits themselves, myself included. 

Now, I have collected a stable of some of the best Wikipedia Curators possible and we're in the business of helping you as long as you realize that it's actually impossible to sell, do SEO, do any inbound-linking, marketing, or self-promotion at all, ever. 

Harken back to the days in school when you were required to write research papers for salt-and-pepper-haired teachers and profs. Remember footnotes? Remember end notes? Remember needing to substantiate what seemed like each and every sentence in your ten- or twenty-page report with scholarly 3rd party citations?

That's Wikipedia. 

We'll help you with all of the flaws you really can't help yourself with: No, no sales talk. No, you can't cite your own press release on PRWeb. No, you don't necessarily deserve a vanity page no matter how much money you're worth, what you've won, where you went to school, who you're related to, or how much you really want it (or even how much you're willing to pay me).

If you want us to help you with one or more of your Wikipedia Pages -- and we're one of the best people out there -- you're going to need to agree to our rules and our listen to when we say "no, can't do it, it's impossible," and not just try to do it yourself.  Because if you mess it up and you need our help after you've make a complete mess in the first place after we advised you not to, then we're going to charge you a lot more -- and the cleanup with take much, much longer -- than if your reputation on Wikipedia is either non-existent (we can work with that) or there's no controversy (meaning, your current mentions on Wikipedia have been made organically and naturally by volunteer Wikipedians). 

Once a Wikipedia page becomes an active crime scene (or even a cold case, to be honest) or is a den of controversy or hotheadedness, then our Wikipedia Curation and Management service becomes a Wikipedia Crisis Management and situation under our Our Online Reputation Management services.