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Video and Digital Animation Services

There are few content mediums with the capacity to impact the senses like video and animation.

Content in motion has been scientifically shown to attract and retain an audience, increase click-through rates and engage customers across all industries and services.

Drop us a line or schedule a chat with our online form to talk about how we can help your business move forward with one of the hottest and fastest-growing content mediums in our arsenal.

Traditional Video and Animation

While we offer and produce “traditional” videos, shot with cameras, we (and our clients) find ourselves increasingly enamored with animation and motion graphics-based content. Animation is dynamic, engaging and offers the ability to showcase a product or service that’s difficult or impossible to film in a traditional manner.

Concise, Creative and Easy-to-Understand

The animated video content that we produce incorporates design and style cues from your brand guidelines to match the rest of your online presence and encompass the essence of your brand. Running times are generally brief in order to communicate your messages and concepts in a concise, creative, easy-to-understand package.

Content for Big and Small Names

Animation is ideal for explainer videos, promotional announcements, training, vendor and employee messaging, and more. We produce content for big and small names in the tech, pharma, healthcare, finance spaces, and many others. We’re always happy to send samples of our work that specifically pertain to your specific industry or content style.