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What To Expect: Content Marketing In A Post-COVID World

It's imperative that your content is heavily influenced by these new post-COVID strategies. Treat customers as individuals, use their real experiences and improve your social media linking.

The dynamic world of content marketing has never been so interesting as now. Sure, you could see the pandemic as a horrendous disruption to the way you do business, or you could use it as a learning experience that you could learn from. But content marketing is something that is always changing, so why should you focus on this area and not in another that has been perhaps ‘more’ affected? Well, it's simply because content marketing is now the most effective and most consumed form of marketing in the world. Excellent SEO blog content is something that consumers have time and patience for! So here’s how you can learn and adapt your content marketing content strategy.


Social media

In the content that you either write or commission, social media has to play a key role. For example, you must mention how what you’re doing on social media matters to the subject of the content. Audiences will be getting most of their news and information, from social media these days. So you want to create a content loop, which goes something like this: your content is linked on social media, but with effective SEO marketing, organic searches are also directed to your social media. Thus, you have a loop that directs and redirects to the content and your social media. Try to include your content into posts, such as linking your content in Instagram stories and Facebook posts. A brand that can use hashtags and link effectively on social media, will always get more clicks.


Think of the individual

In the wake of the virus, people are feeling more vulnerable than ever. They don’t want to be talked to, they want to be spoken with. It's important to realize this in the pieces that you write for your blog. Make more lifestyle posts and weave your products and services into them. Consider how your product would make their lives more enjoyable and fun. It's incredibly important to also make content that is great for commuters, which is when most people consume business blogs. So 5-minute reads, perhaps 500 words would be the best type of content to go for. Consider your audience's needs more in-depth. Do they need content that advises them on how to live a healthier life? Do they need support for their mental health? Do they care about a certain cultural movement?

Reputation and case studies

If you take a look at the best marketing services for MSPs, you’ll see that reputation management and content marketing are intertwined. They will help you to boost your positive reviews, get the word out there on the internet about how pleased and supportive your customers are. This can be written into your content marketing, as using real case studies of customers in an interesting blog post can really boost your image and reputation. It's clear that more real-world examples need to be put into your content.

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