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What 5 Eco-friendly Businesses Are Doing To Help The Environment

With the rise of eco-conscious mindsets throughout society - it is no surprise to see a wide variety of businesses doing their part to help the environment. It’s time to ask ourselves “what is my company doing to help the environment, and is there any way that I can help too?”

That is a question every employee should be thinking about. Statistics even show that younger generations are more likely to support eco-friendly businesses, and become loyal towards a brand that cares about the environment. Another benefit is that people who work in eco-friendly environments are more likely to engage in similar activities outside of the workplace. 

By being eco-friendly in your business, not only will you be helping the environment, but also attract a large portion of a generation as potential customers. You also teach valuable sustainability practices to your employees.

That’s a win-win in my books, so what can you do to help make your company more sustainable?

Let’s take a look at 5 examples of companies doing their part to help the environment one step at a time to provide you with some inspiration.


GoJava is a coffee supply company for businesses that provides sustainable coffee pod recycling services and delivery programs. The company was founded by a duo of friends and fellow co-workers in 2015. They noticed that there was a flaw in the world of coffee distribution. With the boom of Keurigs and Tassimos, came all the waste from the pods used in the machines.

With millions of coffee pods ending up in landfills across North America each year, the two friends knew something had to be done.

They developed a method to separate the coffee grinds from the plastic casing. This allows for the coffee to be composted, and they recycle all of the plastic.

They then use the plastic to create synthetic lumber which is used for structures like decks and playgrounds.

On top of all that… they deliver all of their orders in carbon-neutral vehicles to help reduce their footprint even more.

GoJava is on a mission to change the coffee supply industry one city at a time. They are currently operating out of Toronto and Ottawa but hope to expand to more cities in the future! 

Visit Their Website


EnviroShred is Canada’s largest shredding company, and holds some of the highest security clarifications needed to handle extremely sensitive documents and files. They also contribute back to the environment in anyway possible by making sure every shred of their materials is recycled or disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

They have stated that they take all the required steps to make sure their processes leave as minimal impact on the environment as possible. By investing in state of the art machinery and technology, they have significantly reduced how much pollution they create.

EnviroShred a great example of a company putting their money where their mouth is. We could significantly reduce our impact on the environment by investing in better technology in many different industries. However, most companies neglect to upgrade out-of-date tech to its much cleaner counter-parts.

One way we could combat this problem is by offering more incentives for companies to turn to a greener future. If we could find a way to stifle the upfront costs, more companies would be able to afford green equipment. 

Visit Their Website

Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak is a clothing company based out of Montreal, Quebec, that has been taking steps to reduce their impact on the planet through fashion. By using eco-friendly materials like recycled bottles found floating around in the ocean - they are now creating over 50% of their products from minimal impact materials.

When the company was first founded in 2017, they were making just 5% of their products with these types of materials! In just two years they have almost made the switch to full sustainability. I’m sure we will see F&O hit the 90% mark by the end of 2020.

They also create all of their products with cruelty-free methods, and all of their shipping containers are made from recycled materials. This is one clothing company showing the world how useful a recycled plastic bottle can be. Imagine if more would follow suit! 

Visit Their Website

MVP Modular Systems

MVP Modular Systems is a modular office furniture company based out of Calgary, Alberta. They take old, used, or unwanted office furniture and refurbish the pieces to avoid them ending up in the landfill.

They save literally thousands of pieces of furniture every year from being thrown in the garbage, and make sure they find a proper new home.

All of the furniture they pick up is in great shape typically, and they have a wide selection of brands. You can get pretty much any type of office furniture from these guys at half the price, AND you save one more piece of furniture from ending up in a landfill.

Their motto is “All Recycled, All Affordable” and we think that fits them quite nicely.

Visit Their Website


Abeego is another Quebec based company that is revolutionizing the way we preserve our food.

Their founder, Toni Desrorsiers, came up with a way to let nature preserve your food using a beeswax based food wrap that eliminates single-use plastic wrap.  And boy… is she ever doing a good job!

Their whole lineup of food wraps is simply awesome. They are created from 100% natural products, and are completely edible! They keep food fresh for longer by allowing the food to breathe naturally, kinda like a lemon peel. How cool is that?

I highly recommend checking out their line of products and get rid of that nasty single use plastic in your pantry. I’m sure we have all dreamed of never having to whip out the seran wrap again!

Visit Their Website


That’s how 5 companies are changing the way we take care of our world. We all need to do our part to make sure our planet stays green, and these companies are taking steps in the right direction towards a better earth.

From edible food wraps to clothes made from recycled plastic bottles - I think we are finally starting to get it - that there are alternatives to plastic and the landfill.

So how is your company doing its part to reduce waste and its impact on our planet? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear what you have to say.

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