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Top Tips On Making Money Online

With the cost of living going up and up a lot of people are looking for different ways to make money online. This means it is something you can do in the comfort of your own home. Some people will start a side hustle online to earn some extra income, some people will want to invest in the stock for a fledged business that they use as their main income and some people just want to see what they can do online and see if they can make some extra pocket money for a holiday or to keep in an emergency fund for when something pops up.

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Technology has made it possible for people to earn money by just simply having a laptop or even a phone and an Internet connection. There are so many different ways to make money online that one of them is bound to be suited to your needs. It also can be done for different types of educational abilities, time, restraints, and creativity.


One way to earn money online is through copywriting. This is where you will write articles, content for websites, and blog posts for different businesses and individuals all over the world. Some of them can even be used as ghostwriting for novels where you will write a book for someone and they will have the credit for it, but they will pay you for the privilege of that. Copywriting can be done on a freelance basis with sites like Fiverr and up work as well as looking for jobs online for freelance remote roles. If you are quite good at English and writing, there are lots of websites to help you do your copywriting like Grammarly and A lot of professional copywriting will also outsource work to freelancers when they get overloaded with work which can help you build your portfolio for more work. 

Social Media Management

If you love social media this could be the job for you, it is simply being on social media but more professionally. You would need to know about the different platforms, how they work, and the best way to make their accounts grow. There are lots of free courses online as well to help you learn the tips and tricks of the trade. Social media management is all about managing a business's social media platforms as they are unable to or simply don’t have the time to. When managed in the right way it can help a business grow rapidly, go viral, and increase sales. 

Opening An Online Store

There are different ways to open an online store. The first is called drop shipping, this is where you set up the store and add items into the shop but you don’t stock them, so you simply market your shop and the items you sell and when someone buys it, the manufacturer will send it directly and you just get the profit. The other way is to sell something you stock, this could be items you have brought in bulk to resell or something you have created. If you are quite crafty and creative you could make things like candles, artwork, jewelry or wax melts and then you can sell them and market your business to make money online. If you create your shop you will need to think about the domain name for your store, online payment solutions, and website design so it is customer friendly and has a good user experience. 

Try Print On Demand

Print-on-demand is a similar method of earning money to dropshipping. This is in the sense that you don't carry the stock. If you are a designer or artist and make different prints and images you want to sell on things like T-shirts, cups, and other items you can use sites like Printify. So you will upload your designs onto the items and then add the items to your online shop, then when someone orders it, the manufacturer will print your design and send it out and you will get the profit. You can also order an item before you stock it so you can check the quality and colors. 

Teaching Others 

A great way to earn money online if you are educated in a particular subject could be through educating others. There are certain companies and websites which will take people on to do tutoring for children and adults in different subjects and because you are in control you can set up the appointments to fit around your schedule. You can also do it on a freelance basis and a good way to get more business is from word of mouth and recommendations. 

Try Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one way that influencers earn a portion of their income. Affiliate marketing is simply sharing items from brands you sign up to and then when your followers click on the link or buy the item you will get a payment for it. There are a lot of brands that do this like Amazon and Stylink. If you build a following on social media you are more likely to get click-throughs so it will help you earn more money.

Become An Influencer

Although this one isn’t as straightforward it is still a way to earn money online. Influencers have become a marketing phenomenon and a lot of young people are aspiring to be influencers when they grow up. Influencers make money in a lot of different ways which can build up to a nice income. On platforms like Tik Tok, there is the Tik Tok creator fund where you can earn money from them directly, the same with YouTube and the ads they put in the videos, when you meet the requirements you can earn money from it. One of the other ways is through affiliate marketing which is mentioned above and also from brand partnerships. As influencers tend to have a big audience, certain brands will reach out to influencers wanting to work with them on certain campaigns, this normally involves the influencers trying out their product, getting a free service or visiting a restaurant for a complimentary meal. 

They also can then get paid on top of this, the fee will cover creating content, marketing, and promoting the brand to their audience. It can help brands reach an audience they may not have reached otherwise. It can take time to sometimes grow your social media accounts and become an influencer but if it is something you enjoy doing then your hard work and perseverance can pay off in the end. Some influencers earn enough to live comfortably and other influencers have found celebrity status and millions from starting as Youtuber or influencers. 

These are just some of the ways to earn money online technology is always evolving and there will be more and new ways to help you make extra money from the comfort of your own home and without even leaving your bed in some cases. A lot of these options also don’t require much or any start-up funds so you can always try a few different ones and see which suits you. Some earn more money than others and as you do it more and become known in the freelancer industry you can up your rates and earn more and more money from what you do, just like a normal job. You can also set your rates so you can make sure you make enough money to pay bills and buy food.

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