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Three People Who Won the Biggest Powerball Jackpot

People love to dream of better and brighter days, that good luck will someday rain in buckets. With some stroke of luck, a few people wake up to a miracle.

This is what the infographic put together by the brilliant folks behind Stefanslist is all about. Winning the lottery is a fairytale that sometimes comes to life. It is not every day that one can take thousands, if not millions, of winnings that can drastically change their lives, for better or worse.

The stories of individuals who won the biggest lottery prizes are both touching and inspiring. They show that miracles can and do happen. For three people who won some of the biggest lottery prizes, good luck did not cease beaming down at them.

Take a peek at their life after the lottery.

Gloria Mackenzie

Living in Florida, 84-year old Gloria Mackenzie was lining up behind a kind lady when the latter let her go first in the quick-pick line, unwittingly giving her the lucky ticket for the Powerball Jackpot. The ticket contains randomly generated numbers and won Mackenzie a staggering $590 million.

The former teacher lives in a retirement community that she readily left after purchasing a $1.1 million home in Glen Kernan Country Club where her son closely lives. Mackenzie also donated a total of $2 million for Schenck High School in East Millinocket, Maine, for new roofing.

Mavis L. Wanczyk

In 2017, Mavis L. Wanczyk won a mind-blowing $758.7 million Powerball jackpot. Her first move was to quit her job of 32 years at Mercy Medical Center in Springfield. She later withdrew from the public eye, and her whereabouts are unknown today.

Marvin and Mae Acosta

Marvin and Mae Acosta, often dubbed as the Powerball couple, were the final third in Powerball’s $1.58 billion jackpot in 2016. The couple waited for six months before claiming their prize, assembling a team of lawyers and financial advisors to help manage their newfound wealth.

Since their landmark win, the Acostas shunned publicity and kept a low profile.

Three of the biggest jackpot winners managed to hold on to their winnings and lead a relatively quiet life away from the public’s eye. Others were not so lucky.

The infographic shows the upsides and downsides of winning the lottery and how a good fortune can easily turn to misfortune. Check out the lottery winners’ stories below to learn more.


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