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The Art of the Freebie: Giving Customers Something To Remember You By

this post will be exploring the sorts of freebies you can give to your customers and the methods which will have the biggest impact.

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It’s no secret that most people will relish the chance to get something for free. In a lot of cases, it won’t matter what they’re getting, they will simply be happy to receive something in return for nothing. Businesses have been taking advantage of this for years, using free items as a tool to draw more people into using their services. Using this sort of approach effectively is easier said than done, though. To help you out, this post will be exploring the sorts of freebies you can give to your customers and the methods which will have the biggest impact.

Something Small

When going through this process, most companies will choose to give something small to their customers, as this will give them the chance to let everyone have a slice of the action. The best items to choose for this are those which people can use on a daily basis. This enables you to have your logo seen all the time, rather than simply when they look for your company. You can find some good examples of this sort of freebie below.

Power: Since the dawn of the smartphone, products like power banks and wireless chargers have surged in popularity. While they serve a singular purpose, everyone can use a device like this, and they don’t cost very much to have custom made for your company. Choosing something like this will give you customers something which helps them when they are in need. When you are trying to convince them to buy your services, having this behind you can be an incredible benefit.

Stationary: While it isn’t quite as exciting as giving out chargers, stationery is also a popular option for this. Notepads, pens, and even pencil cases can all be given the custom printing treatment, enabling you to put your logo onto a full desk set to give out to your customers. Like a charger, this is something people will use each day, but it won’t cost anywhere near as much. Of course, though, when you’re giving out something which other companies are already giving away, you items could get lost in the chaos.

Clothing: There a few better ways to advertise your brand than having members of the public carrying it around for you. T-shirts, hoodies, and hats are all very popular amongst customers, with loads of people wearing items like this for years to come. It’s important to go with a quality company when you’re approaching this. While this will cost more, it will also be a far better reflection of your business, as people won’t have to deal with it falling apart or looking bad when they are using it.

Something Big

Small freebies aren’t the only way to approach something like this, though. In fact, when it comes to the success you get from giving something away, choosing something bigger can often have a broader impact. This is something you’ll want to make into a competition, getting as many people involved as possible, as using it to push your social media presence in the right direction. Of course, though, you’ll need something to put up for grabs before you can get started, or no one will sign up.

Your Products: One of the best things to offer in this sort of competition is one of your own products. Whether you offer a service or a physical item, giving someone the chance to get a taste of what you do without having to pay can be a great way to build a name for yourselves. For example, if you are running a barbers shop, offering free haircuts to those who win your sweepstakes can be a great approach to take. Unlike other giveaway options, this can often be handled for little to no investment.

Something New: If you don’t have a product which you can give away, looking for something else on the market can be a good idea. This should always be a relatively new product, as this will make it less likely that customer already own it, and needs to be related to your business in some way. In the case of the barbers in the section above, this could be a spa treatment day or a fancy set of hair straighteners.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to start embracing the art of giving things away for free. While this approach to business may not make a lot of sense when you first start, the interest it can build will soon make it feel worth it.

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