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Impressing During An Apprenticeship

Read on to discover some top tips for impressing during your apprenticeship.

If you have managed to secure an apprenticeship, you will no doubt be excited about the road ahead. This is an exceptional opportunity to advance in the realm of your chosen subject. Demand is at an all-time high across a lot of industries, so it’s a great time to get your foot on the career ladder. Read on to discover some top tips for impressing during your apprenticeship.

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Don’t fret about mistakes; learn from them – As an apprentice, you aren’t expected to be the finished article. Your new employer knows that you are learning – that’s the whole point of doing an apprenticeship after all. If you make a mistake, show that you have learnt from it. Find out where you went wrong so that you can progress your skills and move forward. There is no point in dwelling on an error; your employer won’t be.

Behave like any other employee Outside of the training, you should behave as any other employee of the business does. Observe how others in the workplace behave, and follow suit. Of course, this does not mean that you should pick up their bad habits. If you see someone browsing his or her social media accounts all day long, don’t assume that you can get away with doing the same thing. Make sure you dress appropriately and that you arrive on time.

Concentrate on your soft skills too Needless to say, learning about the skills that are acquired for the role in question is the main objective. However, this is also a good opportunity to concentrate on your soft skills. Try to get along well with the other people working at the firm, be polite and personable. This can make a huge difference. When employers look for someone to add their team, they don’t merely look at their qualifications. They want to make sure they are a good fit too.

Take responsibility One of the biggest mistakes people make during an apprenticeship is expecting their mentor or employer to take care of everything for them. It’s important to recognise that you are responsible for your own learning within the apprenticeship. Be proactive and know exactly what you need to do to get as much as possible from your time with the company. Don’t expect someone to hold your hand every step of the way. You should also take responsibility by studying and advancing qualifications at the same time, so you can show how serious you are about your career. This is easy to do. You can even take an accredited social work graduate program online today, so all you really need is your laptop and an Internet connection.

Say ‘yes’ whenever you can If the opportunity arises to work on a new project, volunteer yourself. Of course, it’s important to make sure you have the time and capacity to deliver. Nevertheless, such opportunities don’t come around too often, so you should grab them with both hands. If you impress, you may put yourself in pole position for a permanent job with the company.

Show enthusiasm Last but not least, employers want someone that is enthusiastic and motivated. They don’t want someone who looks like they are simply there to make up the time and get some experience on their CV. A can-do and positive attitude will go a long way.

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