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How To Equip Each One Of Your New Employees

‘Suit up.’ Those are the words you should always apply, at least in spirit, to your introduction of a new employee.

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Imagine them as a serviced man or woman in black, preparing with the latest high-tech equipment to try and deviate the course of harmful aliens in your black budget work. Of course, this is quite a movie-like and very silly means in which to consider outfitting your staff, but outfitting them is nonetheless needed.

Equipping each one of your new employees thoroughly so that they are up to the task is important, and it’s important to not only equip them, but to explain why you are equipping, to help them feel familar with their systems, and to ease their progress into your daily office life much more comfortably. This is more than possible with the right dedication and investment.

In the following post, we hope to explore the common means in which your standard office employee should hope to be setup, in order to allow them access to their responsibility as quickly as possible.

A Digital Profile

It’s important for your employees to utilize a digital profile, not only to help them remain as part of your team, but in order to remain a present and reachable part of your system. For example, email hosting for professional businesses will often give you domain name support as well as customized email strings, which can and will ensure your staff are reachable at the most logical address. For example, ‘[email protected]’ is usually a safe bet. Allow them to update their profile with an image (preferably a professional headshot), their age, and their department. This way you will also be able to assign this digital profile permissions needed to access the right files in your cloud servers.


All employees of some kind will need to be equipped with devices to access their cloud storage, their workflow and to contact employees. A work phone can help them separate the line between business and home life, and if you give staff permission to turn their phones off while at home (while still being reachable during their alternate numbers in an emergency), you may find your staff are respectful of your needs. We would additionally recommend equipping them with a laptop, and at least two monitors at their workstation (to which a good enough laptop can plug in, preventing the need for multiple working terminals).

Security Protocols

It’s important that you equip your staff member with the best advice, guidance, manuals and automated practices that inform them to keep up on their security responsibilities. A custom VPN login, encryption protocols, the ability to share the correct files with the correct people, all of this adds up, and it can mean plenty to your approach over the years. After all, equipping your employees is one thing, ensuring they are equipped to use those tools is another thing entirely.

With this advice, we’re sure you’ll better be able to equip each one of your new employees.

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