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How Startups are Helping People Get Through COVID-19

While the COVID-19 pandemic has threatened many businesses, there is a silver lining in all of this. Some startups are setting up to help those who are struggling during this troubling time. It’s a moment when entrepreneurs are showing they care and responding to new needs.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Donating Hand Sanitizer

Some startups have used the downtime to produce and donate hand sanitizers to essential workers, as well as in homeless shelters. Using sanitizer is a way to reduce the spread of the disease, along with frequent handwashing with soap and water.

Wellness Initiatives

Many entrepreneurs are also offering their health-related services for free or in return for a donation. Helping people stay at their best emotionally and physically is more important than ever right now, during this time when many people are stressed about bills, jobs, kids, and more.

A few of the helpful services available virtually are yoga classes, therapy, and cardio sessions. Startup owners must also do their best to maintain work-life balance to prevent burnout.

Improving Communication

Healthcare providers are incredible. Now more than ever they need to communicate effectively, particularly given that getting the coronavirus can be fatal. At least one startup has created a healthcare platform to improve communication among professionals. Ensuring the dialogue continues will help them to focus on providing favorable outcomes to their patients.

Measuring Company Risks

Among the scary parts of running a business right now is wondering whether your workplace is at risk of a coronavirus outbreak. Not knowing if the rates will go up or if someone has the virus but doesn’t yet show the symptoms can make reopening businesses terrifying for all involved. To help business owners better understand the risks, some startups are offering to measure coronavirus risk exposure for free in workplaces for a limited time.

Provide Educational Resources

Everyone could use some guidance, and offers broker marketing tips as part of their available resources. They understand that when you have more information then you can help others and contribute to growing the economy during this difficult time. To be successful involves learning from others’ experiences and having positive role models.

Finding a Vaccine

Many startups are looking for a coronavirus vaccine, along with other solutions for the pandemic. A vaccine is a tool that can provide immunity from the infectious disease. Significant testing needs to be done in labs and in trials before rolling out a widespread treatment safely.

Some companies are joining up to use each of their strengths to try to find a coronavirus vaccine. As they are looking at solving a huge issue, they need to be part of policy discussions moving forward.

Changing as Entrepreneurs

To make it through post-COVID-19 times will involve looking at things differently as entrepreneurs. Adapting to the new environment, including working from home, takes patience and the continued passion to want to get through to the better times. As you create a new business model to respond to the changes, as well as rethinking what your customers need (versus what they used to need), keep looking ahead and maintain a strong mindset.

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