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How Offline Marketing Still Works in a Digital World

Marketing online is something that can really benefit your business. Online marketing allows you to track all of the details from campaigns, as there is so much different information from click-through rate, monitor search keywords, as well as where your audience is coming from. And as a result, it can be easy to think that any other form of marketing, especially any ‘traditional’ marketing, is something that won’t have any value these days. How offline marketing techniques compare?

There are so many different ways to market your business offline, from a loyalty card to custom air fresheners, or to trade shows. These tactics won’t help you to manage things like knowing the stats or metrics, but they can still give a really valuable place and return on investment. The result of which can actually be higher than what you might get from online marketing, SEO, or emails, for example. So here are some of the traditional ways to market your business, and how they can help you to enhance your brand and give your business a real boost, in all ways.


Direct mail

There are all sorts of things from postcards to leaflets, when it comes to direct mail. But it really is one of the best ways to make sure that you’re able to get your branding or business message out there. When used in the right way, it can be something that can be incredibly effective. As an example, British Airways used to use direct mail as a way to advertise and promote details about their first class travel, and things would be sent out to their most loyal customers. It was something quite unique with a magnifying glass so that the customers could check all of the cabin details, in detail. It was one of the most successful campaigns that they had; it really makes a difference. 

Referral marketing

If you think about who you trust more between your friends or a marketing department, then the answer is likely to be that you trust your friends more. So most of the time, if it is something that we are interested in, then we are likely to pay a little more attention to a friend or a relative and their opinion on something than we would if we saw a TV ad or a brochure. So for your business, making the most of something like referral marketing is something that can make such a difference. Referral marketing is something that lets your business tap into some of that trusting relationship between friends. You could offer a reward program for your existing customers, where they get rewarded if their friends are interested in what you have to offer. It is a win-win, and your existing customers will be glad to get something back. 


Public speaking

If you have some expert knowledge in an area, which as a business owner, is quite likely, then no matter how niche, have you thought about public speaking before? If your business is a business-to-business, business, then speaking at events, trade shows, and conferences can be one of the best ways to share your knowledge, develop a really strong brand, and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Being able to establish yourself as an expert and getting a great reputation as an expert in a specific industry, is such a good thing for you as an individual, as well as to increase exposure to your business. 

Trade shows

Instead of just speaking at conferences or events, then how about exhibiting your business at trade shows? Trade shows are a really great way to connect with others in your industry, as well as getting out there to new customers so interact with them and sell to them. There are trade shows for just about everything, so there is likely to be one for the industry that your business is in. Just make sure that you are really making the most of the trade show and being an active participant, so that you’re able to maximize the return on your investment, as it can take time and money.

The main reason the finances add up is due to the various products and strategies needed to promote your brand. From printed ID cards to merchandise and, of course, the marketing tactics, means that a lot of effort is needed to create a brand that travels and speaks to a passerby. So you have to make sure your image is crystal clear, especially younger companies that are still finding their feet.

The money can add up when it comes to a trade show. But they also help you to offer some large rewards for businesses, when all done in the right strategy. Something like having a trade show going well can be something that can generate so many lucrative leads and things to follow up on, so it can be a great way to strengthen your brand. 

Celebrity endorsements

If you want to get your message out there to be specific with a particular audience, like you can with online marketing, then have you considered endorsements? They are still pretty effective, as celebrities and influencers are really important to focus on. The choice can be quite large, depending on your budget, and it can be a really focused influence, depending on who is chosen and wants to work with you. Do you remember how Hunter wellington boots had a boost after the Kate Moss ads of 2005? They can be obvious, as well as being subtle, so it is all about how it fits in with you and your business. 

Which offline marketing method is best?

So as you can, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many options for offline marketing, from trade shows, direct mail, leafleting, and working with celebrities and influencers. They can all help you to increase business sales, get some more customers for your business, and improve the look of your brand. But is there one that is better than another? 

There is no just one form that is going to be better than another, just like there is no form of online marketing that is the best. Using a combination of online and offline marketing can make a difference, so you need to see what fits your business best. Even if you just went down the offline marketing route, you can still boost your businesses. Best of luck!

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