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Five Ways To Look After Your Employees

Employees are extremely important to your business. They are the ones that, if motivated, can help increase productivity and positively promote your business. If not motivated or happy, you may find you have a high staff turnover as people don’t want to work for you. From showing them you care by offering bonuses, there are many ways to show your workforce you value them.

By simply making a few changes to your business, you can greatly impact your business’s morale, with some options not having to cost much at all. Below are five ways to look after your employees

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Help Develop Them WIth Courses

Whether you pay for your employee to do an online course or attend a workshop, both show that you want to invest in your staff and help improve the way they perform and are willing to invest in their future. The courses don’t have to be expensive; even the offering will show you value them. If the course is expensive, you can always look to add a condition to the course that if they leave within a specific time frame, they have to pay the class back. Why not build this into your company policies as this may make your company more attractive to future people who may want to work for you. Remember if your employees are out and about that they are still under your care. If they are out driving a truck for example and get into an accident, you will want good truck accident lawyers devoted to your case that can ensure neither them nor you are left in the lurch.

Show them you care about their personal life 

Sometimes it’s not about the money; it’s about taking an interest in their life and looking after the things they care about most. If they have a family, allow flexible working hours so they can pick their children up. If they enjoy sports, maybe purchase them some tickets to the local game. By getting to know things about your staff’s personal lives, you will know this information and help them in ways that would mean a lot to them. On Mondays, make an effort to walk around the office and ask them how their weekend went, or on Friday, treat them to lunch and have a conversation that not work-related. All these things will show your staff you care about them outside of the work environment. 

If they are performing well, offer them a bonus 

For some people, monetary value shows appreciation to them and can make them feel valued and looked after. If they are performing well, chances are they know they are, and they know they are making you a lot of money. Instead of keeping this money, share a percentage with them to say well done. Why not integrate a quarterly bonus that employees can aim for and, if achieved, give them some extra money. For many employees, this may increase motivation around the workplace and increase productivity as they know there is a financial reward if the company does well. It’s within their best interest to perform to the best of their ability. 

Be transparent within the company 

By being transparent, you are showing a higher level of trust in your employees and that you believe in them. Whenever you are making decisions that affect your employees, let them know about these decisions and why it is happening. Why not do a meeting every couple of weeks that explains what is going on within the company. This gives your staff insight into how the business operates and peace of mind that your company is performing well. It also makes them feel important and looked after as you are willing to share this information with them. 

Appreciate special occasions 

Is it an employee’s birthday or their workplace anniversary? Make sure you appreciate all your team’s special occasions and make a small gesture to show you do. Why not allow employees to start later on their birthday, or give them the day off. On a work anniversary, sign a card to say congratulation and maybe a bottle of wine. It’s these small gestures that show employees you care about them and have taken an interest in their life. They aren’t just someone who works for you to make you money. 

There are many ways you can show your employees you care about them. From celebrating special occasions to taking an interest in their personal lives, it’s these things that can make your team work harder and feel good about the place they work. Which in the long run can help your business go to the next level. 

What do you do to look after your staff members? Do you have any incentives that motivate your team and show that you care? Let me know in the comment box below; I would love to hear from you. 

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