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Clever Ways To Make Your Business Green

Being green benefits the planet as much as your business. Sustainable practices not only save money but attract new customers too. Although building an eco-friendly company seems difficult, there are many small changes you can make. Try out an idea or two from below and make your business a greener one.

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Over the past few years, environmental problems have become an increasingly large concern. Every day we hear new stories of forest fires, melting ice caps, and worse. Although no person can reverse these troubles alone, you can make a huge impact, especially as a business owner. Operating your venture in a sustainable way, will have positive effects on the planet, as well as the company’s financial health. With that in mind, here six ways to make your business green. 

Replace Any Old Equipment

The technology present in your workplace won’t work nearly as well now as when you first bought it. From computers to heavy machinery, all devices become less efficient as they get older. This means that they require more energy to perform the same jobs. Although regular maintenance can keep your equipment in good condition, eventually you will need replacements. 

Use Online Marketing Tactics

Old-school marketing tactics used plenty of paper. Companies would litter towns with posters, flyers, and brochures, primarily to advertise promotions. Although these methods can be somewhat effective, they certainly aren’t eco-friendly. Thankfully, there are countless other methods, like social media marketing and content marketing, that are inexpensive and green. 

Choose The Right Suppliers

When the suppliers you work with aren’t green, it’s impossible to be truly eco-friendly. That is why you should choose the right companies for your business. When outsourcing packing, you should search for custom packaging solutions that aim for sustainability. Working with suppliers nearby is positive too, as it means that less fuel is used for shipping and commuting to the office. 

Install Storage For Bikes

The commute most people take to work is highly damaging. In fact, cars are among the largest contributors to emissions. Although you can’t prevent employees from driving to work, you can provide other options. Having bicycle storage at the office means that employees can easily cycle to work instead. You can also encourage employees to car share with one another. 

Allow Flexible Work Hours

A packed schedule will make cycling to work difficult for certain employees. The good news is, there are a few ways to support your staff in reducing their carbon footprint. Introducing flexible work hours would allow workers to choose their hours. This means that they could alter their schedule, making it possible to cycle to work. You could even let employees work from home. 

Make A Difference Together

Teamwork is crucial to the success of any business. That is why many business owners organize team-building days for their staff. While you could easily visit an escape room or go bowling, there are countless other activities that would better serve the planet. Beach cleaning, litter picking, and planting trees are just a few examples of activities you could do together. 

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