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Attracting the Best Staff

You are only as strong as your weakest team member, and to do well, every single person needs to bring skills, experience, passion, and energy to their day to day work.

If you run a small business, you might have started out on your own, or with a very small team. You’d have taken on a lot of the tasks for yourself in an attempt to save money and maintain control over your small company. But, as it grows, hiring staff is often crucial to your success. You need a team around you to help you to maintain levels of service and quality as you get busier. You need them to specialize in those tasks that you aren’t as good at, and free up your time to spend on growing your business and planning ahead. You need them to lift you, to help you grow and also to bring their own ideas and skills to your company.

To do all of these things, you need the right people. As a smaller business, you are never going to have a massive workforce that’s big enough to take the slack if one person isn’t pulling their weight. You are only as strong as your weakest team member, and to do well, every single person needs to bring skills, experience, passion, and energy to their day to day work. Your team needs to fit together. They need to get to know each other's strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. They need to work together seamlessly and happily. They need to be people that will grow and learn with your company. That are always keen to learn new skills and that are willing to go the extra mile. At the same time, you need loyalty. Often the best staff aren’t easy to keep, but you need to keep staff turnover to a minimum if you want to get the best from your team as a whole.

But, as a smaller business, without a massive budget to recruit or pay your staff, and without a generous bonus scheme. That isn’t as well known as some businesses, and that doesn’t make the headlines, how do you attract staff of the caliber that you need?

Sort Your Website Out

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Your website is a crucial tool in helping you to attract the best staff. Get the Best careers page, and it will always be there, working in the background without you ever needing to worry about recruitment. Use your website to advertise new positions, tell your brand story and explain what makes you great. But, don’t just focus on your careers page. Your whole website should be professional, easy to navigate, eye-catching and enticing.

Most people nowadays look online when they are interested in work if your website is fantastic, and your careers page is useful and regularly updated, the best staff will come to you.  

Build a Reputation

Another fantastic way to attract the best staff is by building a reputation as a great business. Work slowly, building up in a sustainable and manageable way. Develop strong company morals, and stick to them. Become known as a company that believes in things, and is willing to make sacrifices to stick to their beliefs. Simple things like using renewable energy sources, recycling and saving water can make a difference when it comes to how outsiders view your company.

But, your reputation isn’t all about your environmental policies. You should also be known for your excellent customer service and the quality of your products. Make sure that you are being talked about for the right reasons, and experienced and skilled staff will hear about you and be curious.

Treat Your Current Staff Well

Another important way to build your reputation is treating your staff well. No one wants to work for a poor employer, that is cruel to their team, mistreats them and fails to offer flexible working conditions. Treat your staff well, provide them with flexibility and understanding. Make sure that they enjoy their jobs, receive fair pay and that they are happy and they will tell people. They’ll be loyal to you, and word will get out. The happier your staff are, the more people will want to work for you.

Get On Social Media

Social media is a wonderful, cheap and easy way to promote your business. Building an online presence, and using your social media profiles well is a fantastic way to reach a much wider audience. To communicate with them and to grow relationships with your customers.

It’s also an excellent way to get seen by potential employees. Be active on social media, use your accounts to update your viewers on business developments, but also on charity work that you do, or time that you spend helping other people. Use it to show that your office is a fun place to work and that your staff are happy. You can also use your social media feeds to advertise positions. But, make sure it’s always professional.

Offer Training

Many small businesses are guilty of training their staff when they first arrive and leaving it at that. There’s no room for promotion, so what is the point? But, the best staff like to learn. They are keen to improve their skills and learn more about their industry. Remember, that there might be room to promote one day, and even if there isn’t, well-trained staff are always a bonus. If you want the best staff to be interested in working for you, make sure that you offer continual chances to learn and develop and a comprehensive training program.

Look at Your Office Layout

Busy Office Space - Unsplash

If you do manage to attract a potential employee using your website or another method, at some point, they’ll need to come in for an interview. This is your chance to find out if they are right for the job, but it’s also their chance to see if they really want it. Your office layout is crucial here, as it’ll be a big part of the first impression that they make. Your office should be clean and well-presented. Your staff should be happy and polite, and their workspaces tidy. Your office should be bright while promoting a productive and engaged atmosphere. If you work out of your house, your home office should also make the right first impression, whether or not that is where your candidate will be based.

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