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5 Powerful Tips To Attract Top Talent To Your Company (And Keep Them There)

It’s a well-known and well quoted, saying that money makes the world go round. And while that’s still true in business, it doesn’t necessarily ring true for your employees. Sure, they want a job that offers the best pay possible in their field. But the employees of 2021 are looking for more than just a cash tip.

Offering team members more than just the standard doesn’t just attract the top talent. It keeps them working hard for your company now and well into the future. And in business, your employees make the world go round. So treating them well can benefit you as their employer too. 

Here are the 5 powerful tips and tricks that’ll have the top talent in your field desperate for a chance to work in your company. 

Image by Tim Mossholder via Pexels


Replacing a member of staff is hard work. Not only is it challenging to find some with the same experience, but it’s also a long and arduous process. There’s so much involved. Hiring is an expensive and time-consuming process, from advertising the vacancy and screening candidates to interviewing and subsequently training the new team member. 

But hiring the right talent is a critical component of every company. And optimizing your recruiting strategies can reduce the time spent finding the right fit. Of course, if you’ve already got the best wanting to work for you, then hiring becomes a lot easier. 

1) The Ideal Candidate

To connect with the top talent you want for your company, you need them to notice your job ads first. For that to happen, you need to define your ideal candidate first. Utilizing data and facts from your company will help you get your perfect candidate’s persona down. It should include their ideal career background, skills, personal interests, and anything else you deem relevant.

Having a persona for your ideal candidate does more for attracting the best employees than you think. Knowing who you want to hire means, you can create more targeted marketing content. And you’re able to optimize how you source that talent, whether through Facebook, LinkedIn, or another source. 

2) Have A Referral Program

Take the effort out of hiring and create a robust employee referral program. Because after job boards and social media, referrals are the best source for talented hires. They’re so brilliant down to the fact that your employees understand the type of candidate you need. It’s a particularly effective strategy for those hard-to-fill positions that require a specific person. 

Have a simple referral program that rewards current employees for helping out. You’ll find that your new hires are of better quality. And current team members feel a more significant part of the company. It’s a good thing for everyone involved. 

3) Improve Your Branding

At the end of the day, you attract the best employees by having an attractive brand. You want them to want to work for you. For recruits, your branding tells them what they’re going to get back from you for all their hard work. 

Employers aren’t the only people who vet potential employees. Prospective candidates will do precisely the same by comparing companies before accepting any new position. Reframe your company branding towards an employee-centered experience. Nine times out of ten candidates will opt for you over a business that might offer more money but have fewer benefits. 

4) Build An Attractive Company Culture

To create an employee-centered brand, you need to have one in the first place. Create an attractive company culture that candidates want to be a part of. Think about how your business creates a supportive and collaborative community. You’re making a place where people want to work, so put your best foot forwards. 

5) Money Doesn’t Make The World Go Round

It should be pretty well established now that employees don’t just look for money when selecting their new place of work. And we’ve touched on showing off how supportive your company culture is. But getting into the nitty-gritty of what benefits you offer will attract the top talent more than anything else on this list. 

Think about what you offer in terms of flexibility, growth, and other non-monetary benefits. Career progression is an attractive benefit for candidates who don’t like to feel stuck. Don’t forget that insurance and holiday hours will be high on many people’s lists. Compare how you hold up to your competition. Are you offering a more attractive job package? 

Image by cottonbro via Pexels


Any business that has a high turnover of staff is bad news. Not only does that sort of information get spread around in the business world, but it could be a sign that there’s an even bigger problem under the surface. 

And if you’ve done all that hard work to attract the best employees. You want to be able to keep them on board too. Because your candidates’ journey doesn’t stop when they take the job. There are always better jobs on the horizon. And there’s no better place to find a job than when you’re currently in one. 

Retaining employees is about looking after them. And giving them opportunities they would be hard pushed to find elsewhere.

1) Invest In Employee Growth

Don’t underestimate how much employees will relish the chance to grow in a job role. So much so that plenty of candidates will overlook the fact that it might not be the paycheck they were expecting. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay employees well. But it amplifies the need for training opportunities for your staff.

Having skill growth a standard in your company sows employees that you have their best interests at heart. Consider setting up an in-house training program or outsourcing via a corporate coach group

Investing in employee growth means the whole team knows that they’re a valued cog in the great machine of your company. It’s better than having a boss that outsources a new candidate every time their needs change.

2) Have A Competitive Benefits Package

The idea that money doesn’t always make the world go round for employees is true. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important. After all, we work to make money. Offer a salary that’s competitive against other opportunities in your sector. And boost that with a benefits package that’s hard to beat.

Make sure to include the basics - health benefits, insurance, money back for education, and a decent retirement plan. These shouldn’t be classed as benefits in an ideal world. Instead, they should be a right. Make it that way in your company, and your employees will reward you with their loyalty. 

3) Provide More Flexible Work Solutions

Thanks to Covid-19, the need to work flexibly has become a necessity. But even before the pandemic, employees had been searching for opportunities to be flexible in the job. Particularly when it comes to working from home. The nuclear family is a thing of the past. But people still need to work while they bring up their children. 

Even employees without children benefit hugely from flexible work patterns. Employers might be worried about a drop in productivity. But it’s actually the opposite that happens. And with less burnout. Not to mention the fact that your team will feel less stressed and happier at work. 

This all only means one thing. That you, as their employer, will get better work out of them. And as many businesses don’t offer this as standard, you’ll retain your people. 

4) Enhance Their Career Advancement Opportunities

Not all job roles have a natural career progression. So the idea of being able to provide these opportunities for your workforce might feel impossible. But there are ways to integrate ladders even when there might not be any at first glance. 

Nothing is stopping you from creating those advancement opportunities yourself. Integrate ranks, tiers, and new levels that allow employees to climb and progress. Because that progression will boost morale. And even the idea of being able to climb will make them work harder for you and that next job level. 

5) Make Them Feel Valued

A tried and tested way to keep that hard earnt top talent onboard is to value them. And to show that your value them. Regularly. 

A simple way to do that is to listen to your employees. Ask for their opinion. Ask for their feedback. And take everything they say seriously. It’s simple to do this in quarterly 1-on-1 sessions. They can air their triumphs and trials. All you have to do is listen and implement support strategies. Workers are far more likely to stay in a company that listens and acts on their feedback.

And don’t forget to say thank you. Thank employees for their hard work. Notice when they go above and beyond the call of duty. When they stay longer than needed. Or even when they make an effort with their colleagues.

Don’t stop at the lower levels. Make sure your managers know their worth. After all, they look after the company when you’re not there. 

Image by Belle Co via Pexels

Final Thoughts

In business, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with the way you do things. It’s easy to continue as you are when it appears that things are working well. But remember, you can always get more out of your employees when you look after them. 

The tips and tricks for attracting and retaining employees are very similar. Because everything you do to keep your employees will have a knock-on effect. They’ll become part of the reason why you attract the top talent too. Job candidates aren’t just looking for a good salary. Sure, it doesn’t hurt to be paid well. But benefits should go further than a cash sum in the bank. 

It all boils down to the fact that looking after your employees means they’ll look after you and your company. Not only will you get access to the best talent in your sector. But you’ll also be rewarded with unparalleled loyalty. So look after them.

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