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Kailua Beach Park

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Love poetry from my 20s

Green foam swirls and clings to my bare ankles;

Water warm and thick, my toes sink in the sand.
I walk in the surf because it is cool
Relief from the frying-pan beach.
The waves turn my clothes dark.
I Beckon you to join my promenade;

But, instead, sinking to my eyes like
Crocodile, I approach and grab your
Ankles to bring you in with me to swim.

We remove our clothes and they float like jellyfish:
Fabric bodies on the surface full with air,
Legs and sleeves swirl below like hair.

The water is always opaque when
Seen from shore. Only our heads
Bob like channel markers.

©1994 chris abraham

Jun 16, 1994 03:25 PM